Visit the Dentist Before You Go on Vacation

Posted on: April 3, 2017

DentalIf you are planning on heading out on a summer vacation, you have probably started the planning process already. The planning process is usually one of the most fun things people do on an annual basis, so while you are booking tickets, planning your route, and looking for new adventures, make sure to also think about your health. Taking the time to prepare for good health will help reduce the likelihood of you having an emergency health situation to deal with. With that in mind, here is what we recommend:

#1. Visit Our San Ramon Dentist Office for a Teeth Cleaning

We want to make sure that patients and their family can enjoy the trip without sudden toothaches. The good news is that this is easier to control than one may think. Cavities take a certain amount of time to develop, so if one visits our dentist office this spring for teeth cleaning, we can remove the plaque and tartar likely to cause them. We can also examine the patient’s teeth to see if there are any early signs of decay or any small cavities. If there are any, we can remove the decay, clean the area and place a filling. These steps will help the teeth to become healthy and strong again. As a result, patients and their families will most likely not have any sudden cavities.

#2. Try Preventative Care

At Canyon Lakes Dental, there are certain things we can do to prevent tooth decay or discomfort. For example, we can provide children with a fluoride treatment or recommend placing dental sealant to create a barrier on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. These solutions are simple, affordable, and easy, and they can significantly reduce the likelihood of someone in a patient’s family getting a cavity on vacation or any other time.

#3. Plan for Adventure

If one’s vacation is going to include something like surfing, parasailing, hiking through the rainforest or even football camp, then one needs to consider taking mouth guards along. Mouth injuries are all too common and they can ruin a trip. After all, imagine having a tooth knocked out while surfing in Hawaii or hiking in Costa Rica. Even a chipped or cracked tooth can put a damper on a vacation, so it is best to simply plan ahead and have a mouth guard created for everyone. Mouth guards can be clear, discreet and comfortable, so this is truly the best solution for protecting the teeth.

#4. Have Dental Work Done

You do not want to have a damaged tooth on vacation. Instead, it is wise to have any necessary dental work completed today before you go. For example, if you have been thinking about whitening your teeth, having dental veneers placed, or restoring a tooth with a dental crown, do it this spring. That way, your smile will be beautiful in time for all your summer vacation photos. Remember, we can correct virtually anything you don’t like about your smile as long as we have the time to do it, so scheduling an appointment early is in your best interest.

Get ready for vacation by visiting Canyon Lakes Dental today!

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